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   From Changelog:

        * Phrase indexing has been implemented in SQL and built-in modes.
          Note that cachemode does not support it yet. Now documents with
          full phrases or their parts are displayed before others. Use 
          "Phrase yes" in both search.htm and indexer.conf to activate this. 
          It requires to rebuild MySQL and Oracle tables and does not require 
          changes in in SQL table structures for other databases. Index with 
          phrases requires approximately four times more disk space than 
          "Phrase no" version.
        * Indexer now stores a number of each word appearance in "Phrase no"
          version. Documents with greater word numbers will be displayed first.
        * You may select search for "full phrase" now among "all", "any" and
          "boolean" search types.
        * MinWordLength and MaxWordLength commands have been added into
          search template. Not matches word are considered as a stopword.
        * MinWordLength and MaxWordLength indexer.conf commands moved to
          global section of indexer.conf. Now their have global effect for
          whole indexer.conf. These fields also have been removed from 
        * Minor bug in file: URL scheme has been fixed. Indexer
          didn't work properly with directories which contain space
          character. Thanks "Kaspar Brand" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.
        * A bug in incorrect "DeleteNoServer no" command behaviour
          has been fixed.
        * A bug that URL limits didn't work in cachemode has been fixed
        * New --version-id udm_config parameter has been added

Regards, Sergey aka gluke.

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