Alexander Barkov skrev:

> Can you guys give us a log file produced by splitter -p which caused
> crash? We can't reproduce crash :-(

Huh? splitter doesn't accept the -v5 argument, so it won't give 
more detailed logs than the normal ones. The only log I had, that 
to stdout, is the one I included with my first posting in this 

  Delete from cache-file /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12BFD000 
        /var/mnogo319/tree/12/C/12C10000 old: 69 new: 1 total: 70 
        ./run-splitter: line 118: 18790 Segmentation fault (core dumped) $SPLITTER 

Until this point everything was normal. 

Anyway, as I said, I strongly suspect corruption in the word 
database. On a previous occasion when this happened, I deleted 
the entire tree/* directory structure and started all over again. 
Splitter worked like a dream with both small and big log files 
until one of the following occured:

1. I stopped indexer with ^C and then run splitter 
2. Splitter had to work itself through some 31 MB files. (These 
   files are not all the same size; they tend to get slightly 
   bigger the more they are, i.e. something like this:
     00000001.log    31.500.000 bytes
     00000002.log    31.550.000 bytes 
     00000003.log    31.580.000 bytes
   sort of). 

Unfortunately I haven't been making notes, so I can't tell for 
sure which one of these two things happened before things stopped 

I tried splitter again today with ./splitter >splitter.log . It 
went in a very normal way *almost* as far as yesterday, and then 
hang so badly that not even kill -9 could kill it. The log of 
this run looks like 

<snip normal operation>
Delete from cache-file /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12B27000
Delete from cache-file /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12B2D000
Delete from cache-file /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12B30000
Delete from cache-file /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12B31000
Delete from cache-file /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12B3

I am attaching the three files that could be involved, 
namely tree/12/B/12B31000, 12B32000 and 12B35000. 

I'll install 3.1.10 now, try it on the old word database and see 
what it does. If it doesn't work, I'll remove the word database 
and start again from scratch. I'll try to make detailed notes this 
time and report back. 


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