Could you please put zipped /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12BFD000 and
a file /splitter/XXX.wrd with correspondent XXX.del which produce 
crash somewhere on the net?

Zenon Panoussis wrote:
> Alexander Barkov skrev:
> >
> > Can you guys give us a log file produced by splitter -p which caused
> > crash? We can't reproduce crash :-(
> Huh? splitter doesn't accept the -v5 argument, so it won't give
> more detailed logs than the normal ones. The only log I had, that
> to stdout, is the one I included with my first posting in this
> thread:
>   Delete from cache-file /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12BFD000
>         /var/mnogo319/tree/12/C/12C10000 old: 69 new: 1 total: 70
>         ./run-splitter: line 118: 18790 Segmentation fault (core dumped) $SPLITTER
> Until this point everything was normal.
> Anyway, as I said, I strongly suspect corruption in the word
> database. On a previous occasion when this happened, I deleted
> the entire tree/* directory structure and started all over again.
> Splitter worked like a dream with both small and big log files
> until one of the following occured:
> 1. I stopped indexer with ^C and then run splitter
>    or
> 2. Splitter had to work itself through some 31 MB files. (These
>    files are not all the same size; they tend to get slightly
>    bigger the more they are, i.e. something like this:
>      00000001.log    31.500.000 bytes
>      00000002.log    31.550.000 bytes
>      00000003.log    31.580.000 bytes
>    sort of).
> Unfortunately I haven't been making notes, so I can't tell for
> sure which one of these two things happened before things stopped
> working.
> I tried splitter again today with ./splitter >splitter.log . It
> went in a very normal way *almost* as far as yesterday, and then
> hang so badly that not even kill -9 could kill it. The log of
> this run looks like
> <snip normal operation>
> Delete from cache-file /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12B27000
> Delete from cache-file /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12B2D000
> Delete from cache-file /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12B30000
> Delete from cache-file /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12B31000
> Delete from cache-file /var/mnogo319/tree/12/B/12B3
> I am attaching the three files that could be involved,
> namely tree/12/B/12B31000, 12B32000 and 12B35000.
> I'll install 3.1.10 now, try it on the old word database and see
> what it does. If it doesn't work, I'll remove the word database
> and start again from scratch. I'll try to make detailed notes this
> time and report back.
> Z
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