Author: Zenon Panoussis

> After spending nearly 3 Days trying to get this thing to work, I 
> have come to the conclusion that it is a waste of time and a 
> JOKE:-(..)

In that case you are entitled to your money back. Every penny 
of it.

> The documentation is poor and the support I am getting from this 
> board is daft. 

Really? Let's see: 

  The query is OKAY except it is expecting some input. 
  Do the inputs need to be supplied during indexing? 

  My users supply the inputs when they are searching. 
  At indexing time, I have no idea what inputs they will 

What input? If the users supply input during *searching*, you 
can't very well expect that that input will be used during 
*indexing*, can you? Indexing is supposed to take place 
*before* searching. 

And also:

  Can this web board be searched? I hope it is not some 
  kinda strategy for this site to get more hits. 
(insults in the very question)


  There is a link from main page to the site search. 
  Webboard is indexed too among static documents and mailing 
  list archive. 


  Where is it? I cannot find it. 

Your question was answered. If you can't find the main page of 
this site, you shouldn't be installing databases. If you can't 
find the search link on the main page, you shouldn't be near 
computers at all.

> Does anyone else no of any alternative? If so 
> please let me know. 

No alternatives will help you. You need to start at the basics. 
"How to find a link on a web page" etc.

> See my postings below to see problems I have been having and 
> the replies  i get and you will see why I am feeling this way.

The only reason I bother to reply to any of this is that the 
developers have put a tremendous amount of work into something 
they provide to you for free, and all you know to do is 
(a) pose incomprehensible questions, (b) pose stupid questions 
and (c) post insults. 

I wish you luck with your . Perhaps one 
day you can use it to find someone with more skills and less 
arrogance than yourself.


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