you can try i think that's the other one based on
mnogo. or was it argh i forgot. there is also htdig.

check em out. as far as mnogo.. no one is getting paid for development
here. people spend their time coding and releasing it for free. yes i
agree, the docs could use some help, but then English aren't these
guys' native tongue. in addition, if anyone want to write the docs, by
all means no one is stopping you from contributing.

i know at times it can be frustrating when things don't seem to go
right. but you have to be patient because there are many bugs, many
platforms, variations of OSes, etc. i've been describing a bug in cache
mode for over a month, and they are working on tracking it down. it's
hard when i see it on my system but they can't reproduce it. as of
late, a few others cited the same bug in cache mode. see, i've been
patient for over a month. during that time, i've tried different
scenarios to help narrow down the problem. 

my point is, i'm not paying these guys, and so i don't really have any
rights to whine about it. the best i can do is to try to help with what
ever effort i can contribute. but if i can't, i just try to be patient
while they do their work. 

posting a comment such as yours won't help get things working for you.
in fact, it may hinder your progress and others as it may piss them
off. though we all get frustrated at times, but try to describe your
problems in a detailed manner, and be patient. alex, serge, and others
have been more than generous with their time and efforts, but like
everything else in life that's free, there is no guarantee.

--- Anonymous <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Author: Joe B
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> Message:
> Hello ALL,
> After spending nearly 3 Days trying to get this thing to work, I have
> come to the conclusion that it is a waste of time and a JOKE:-(..)
> The documentation is poor and the support I am getting from this
> board is daft. Does anyone else no of any alternative? If so please
> let me know. 
> See my postings below to see problems I have been having and the
> replies  i get and you will see why I am feeling this way.
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