Author: Zenon Panoussis

> I have another stupid question. Is it possible that I have to call 
> the configure script with an option for the host type?
> I have installed it via ssh on the host but have not used any 
> stuff there... and the database is on a different server then 
> the script is. 

It needs to be configured for the machine where indexer runs, 
not the machine where mysql and/or the databases reside. If 
you compiled it on the same machine as the one indexer runs 
on, it should be fine. Besides, we already know that search.cgi 
works from the shell, so it can't be a platform problem you 
are having. 

Just as general information though, configure does allow you 
to compile for different machines. Do ./configure --help and 
check the "Host type" section. 


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