Author: Filip Sergeys
Here are some more details about result error in php (see mail 7 feb: "small error in 
php script?")
Search on : winter
returns : 152 results

Search on : timber 
returns :  2 results

Search on : tracks
returns : 10 results

Search on : timber AND tracks 
returns : 1 result

Search on : timber OR tracks
returns : 11 results

Search on winter NOT timber
returns : 150 results => as expected 152 - 2

Search on (timber OR tracks) AND winter 
returns : 6 results

This means that: if you search on all sites that contain the word 
winter but not the words timber or tracks you must receive:
152 links with winter minus 6 links because there are 6 links that contain the words 
winter and the word tracks or timber
Search on winter NOT (timber OR tracks)
returns : 6 results => not as expected 152 - 6 = 146 
! this is the same result as for (timber OR tracks) AND winter.

I also redid the query with: winter & ~(timber | tracks)
result : An error occured at '&&'

Platform Windows 95 and 98 and linux Redhat 6.2
Indexer: 3.1.8
Php version
Mysql on windows:3.20.25 Beta
Mysql on Linux: 3.20.30
Same problem occured on all platforms. Could this be a bug?

Has anybody else run similar test on accuracy and noticed the same problem?


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