Caffeinate The World wrote:
> i'm trying to store all web pages locally so i don't have to go fetch
> them on the internet each time i re-index.
> i have indexer going but i see nothing in the mirror directories. when
> does it store the pages to the mirror directory?
> # grep Mirror indexer.conf
> MirrorRoot /data/mnogosearch/mirror/pages
> MirrorHeadersRoot /data/mnogosearch/mirror/headers
> MirrorPeriod 6m
> # ls -l /data/mnogosearch/mirror/*
> /data/mnogosearch/mirror/headers:
> /data/mnogosearch/mirror/pages:

Mirrors command must be used BEFORE Server commands, they are per-server
command, so you can use different mirror location for different sites.

Check that it is true in your config.
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