> Mirrors command must be used BEFORE Server commands, they are
> per-server
> command, so you can use different mirror location for different
> sites.

#MaxWordLength 32
#DeleteBad no
Index yes
Follow path
# store a copy of each pages locally
MirrorRoot /data/mnogosearch/mirror/pages
MirrorHeadersRoot /data/mnogosearch/mirror/headers
MirrorPeriod 6m
Server site http://www.state.mn.us/
Server site http://www.mnworkforcecenter.org/
Server site http://www.exploreminnesota.com/
Server site http://www.tpt.org/
Server page http://www.gorp.com/gorp/location/mn/mn.htm
Server path http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/usa/MN/
#Server site http://www.mallofamerica.com/

so it is before the server command. however i'm indexering from a list
of URL's which may not have a server command. is there a way to mirror
all URL's we index?  like a 'MirrorAll yes' or something. 

in my case, i use a Realm *.mn.us/* to index arbitrary sites with that
match. there is no way to know in advance what the server is to provide
a mirror setting specifically for it.

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