Author: Alexander Barkov
> Hi,
> Zenon gave me a lot of kind help and it really looks like the culprit is not this 
>search program but my f***ing provider. 
> I have found out something quite interesting in the mean time:
> It looks like that the apache does not accept a bin-file as cgi. When I rename the 
>search file from search.cgi to search and call it via the shell I get the same stuff 
>as I used too but when I call it via the browser I receive a 
> <html><body>Can't open template file ''!</body></html>
> So this is really strange is not it? I mean after all it looks to me that it can 
>find the template via ssh but not via apache ...
> has anyone any idea. At least I start getting some hope again ;-))

Check template file permissions. It must be available for reading
for user who is running httpd. It is usually nobody.

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