In sql.c I made 

#define NDOCS_QUERY "SELECT count(*) FROM url" 

 so, one can change it to whatever he want, for example:

#define NDOCS_QUERY "SELECT ndocs FROM sys"

Then just properly fill the "sys" table.


  Note that PHP front-end does not have $ndoc yet. I hope
  Sergey will add it too.

FL wrote:
> Le Jeudi 15 F?vrier 2001 10:20, vous avez ?crit :
> > Well, $ndocs variable has been added into 3.1.11 sources.
> > >  Also note that not all databases return count(*) quickly like MySQL,
> > > for
> > > example, PostgreSQL will scan whole table to calculate the count.
> Hi!
> Will this variable be counted each time search.php will be invoked or just
> if the new variable is used ? It's important for those who want a quick
> system that the select count(url) is not run each time.
> On my system I've developped a small php-admin interface for admins of the
> search engine : they can see the number of indexed urls, the number of
> localised urls (not indexed, but in the database), and they also can check
> with a simple pattern how many urls matching this pattern have been
> indexed or localized by the indexer.
> It is very usefull, because I manage the index process, but other peoples
> manage the choice of sites's list, etc.
> I will soon post this smalls and poors scripts (I will translate and
> comment them before). I will also add a perl script wich generate a html
> static report showing all the Server Url command associated with the
> number of url they count in the database. The script's aim is to show the
> boring sites that have too much pages (then you can choose to decrease the
> hop value for those sites).
> I have choose to make it static because the select process is very slow,
> then you can put it in the crontab, and every admin have a clear view of
> the database one a day, that's really sufficient.
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