Has anyone got a way that I can directly inject information into the mySQL
database that Mnogo is using as it's backend, and then ensure that the
spider won't change it?

I'm after a system whereby I can go and collect XML from a server, then have
mnogo search return urls based on that.

This is because I'm sometimes looking at databases that're over 2G in size,
and just trawling them with everything in them using htdb would
1) put unneccesary load on the server, and
2) destroy any suitable caching the server may have been doing

I'm imagining XML something like this:


   <url> http://slashdot.org </url>
   <title> News For Nerds, Stuff That Matters </title>
   <keywords> geek, nerd, linux, microsoft haters </keywords>
   <extract> It's slashdot, where you'll find geeky stuff </extract>

   <url> http://www.bofh.com/showmeafortune.cgi </url>
   <title> BOFH-Excuses </title>
   <keywords> bofh, yada, yada, fortune, cookie </keywords>
   <extract> Herein find a bofh fortune </extract>


And so on and so forth.
Except that it'll be hundreds of megabytes in size.

Any ideas?

Thank-you very much,
Gary (-;
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