Author: Rich Wall
>I do not know if my mysql has a problem. If I use mnogo without >Affix and Spell and 
>there are no problem, but time for look for is 1 >second / 1 minute (there are 250000 
>urls into de DB) (Is this >usual?????). I want to make more quick this program, I 
>thinked that >Affix and Spell was the solition.

I've just been trying out the ispell stuff and have found that it works well if you 
search for the shortest word variation, but doesn't work at all if you search for the 
longer word variations.
eg searching for 'fast' returns lots of results, including those containing 'faster'...
but searching for 'faster' doesn't return any results at all.

Did you or any one else have this problem?

i'm using the 'british.xlg' dictionary and the 'english.aff' affix file, both stored 
in the database.

Rich Wall.

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