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Ghanaian Wins Aeronautical Award in the US  
Africa News Service 
December 12, 2002 

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Accra, Dec 13, 2002 (Accra Mail/All Africa Global Media via 
COMTEX) -- A 35 year old Ghanaian, Ave Kludze, has excelled 
as the first Ghanaian ever to have commanded and controlled a 
spacecraft in orbit under the auspices of the US National 
Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA). For this, and 
other accomplishments, the prestigious space technology 
establishment conferred on him the coveted NASA Award for 
Outstanding Performance.

Ave Kludze had earlier been decorated with NASA's Superior 
Accomplishment Award for outstanding performance in March 
2001, and with the symbolic US Sapphire Award also for 
outstanding performance in the same year.

Prior to moving to study and work at NASA Langley Research 
Center in Virginia, Ave worked at NASA/Goddard Space Flight 
Center in Maryland as a Senior Spacecraft Analyst where he 
became the first Ghanaian to ever command and control a 
Spacecraft in Orbit, having already controlled and commanded 
several other spacecraft including the TRMM, ERBS, ACE, 
SAMPEX, and GRO. XTE, makes, to name a few.

He became so good at what he did that he was put in charge of 
the certification of new engineers recruited by NASA to be 
trained to command and control spacecraft.

Currently at the NASA Langley Research Center, he is involved 
in the design and development of future aircraft and complex 
space missions including those to Mars and other planets. Ave 
has been very instrumental in the development and 
implementation of future and ongoing lowearth orbiting, deep 
space and other inter-planetary missions including SAGE, 
CALIPSO, Hyper-X, GIFTS etc.

Mr. Kludze was a member of a joint US/Russian Mission that 
launched last year's review board .He has written quite a 
number of computer-programs that are being used to control 
spacecraft from the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.

He designed the Human Locator System, which he called 
the "HuLos" as part of his Masters thesis at the Johns 
Hopkins University. The HuLos uses nanotechnology 
(microscopic technology) and is intended to locate human 
beings anywhere on this planet using satellite communication, 
the GPS and other technologies. What makes the system unique 
is the miniaturized size and the concept of global location. 
The device is to be implanted under the human skull, skin 
bone or teeth and activated when required.

The system could be used in locating missing children, the 
elderly, stolen cars and hardened criminals, to name a few. 
The thesis which contains the design is currently at the 
Applied Physics Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins University in 
Maryland and.Mr. Kludze is in the process of securing a 
patent for his design.

Ave grew up in DansomanSahara, Accra where he made a name for 
himself as a young genius, who was fascinated with science at 
an early age and had a reputation for questioning almost 
everything. It was this quest for knowledge that sent him to 
the highest scientific organization in the world, the 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the 
United States.

He was born at Hohoe, in the Volta Region to Professor A.K.P 
Kludze, a distinguished professor of Law, currently 
practising in the US and Madam Comfort Brempong in 1966, and 
was educated at the prestigious Adisadel College, Cape Coast.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and 
Computer Engineering from Rutgers University in New Jersey. 
His Master of Science in Engineering was received from the 
renowned Johns Hopkins University in the U.S.

And for these distinguished achievements, Mr. Kludze was 
recently recognised and honoured at the Second Biennial 
Adisadel College Excellence Awards at a colourful ceremony at 
the State House in Accra, by the Adisadel College Old Boy's 
Association and the College.

by Stephen Gbafah

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