I thought the NRA was a "grassroot peoples movement" without any outside help? The first of its kind in the whole of Afrika?

At one time we hear Moi helped NRA and yet at other times Tanzania now Libya. Was NRA a puppet rebel group and M7 a stooge?


Museveni decorates Qaddaffi
By Grace Naisamura

May 22, 2004

KAMPALA - President Yoweri Museveni has decorated the Libyan leader, Col. Muamar Qaddaffi with Uganda’s highest military medal, The Order of Katonga.

Qaddaffi was honoured for his contribution to the National Resistance Army (NRA) bush struggle that liberated the country from dictatorship, a statement from the Presidential press secretary, Onapito-Ekomoloit says.

President Yoweri Museveni arrives at Nakaseke Hospital in Luweero on a bodaboda Wednesday . The motorcycle is decorated with dry banana leaves (essanja) symbolising the third term (ekisanja). The President later toured the facilities available at the hospital. (Photo by PPU)

General Museveni, who concluded a short visit to Libya on Friday, decorated Qaddaffi on Thursday during a dinner the Libyan leader hosted in Tripoli, the statement issued on Friday says.

Qaddaffi was one of the foreign contributors to the NRA bush war whom Museveni awarded medals on April 6, 2004 - when he was being promoted to the rank of General in the UPDF and also retired from the army.

In a citation he read before decorating Qaddaffi, Museveni said the Libyan leader was commended by the UPDF as a great fighter who made immense contribution to the liberation of Uganda as early as 1981.

He added that Colonel Qaddaffi has always been at the forefront of the Liberation of Africa and Unification of the continent. He hailed the Libyan leader for helping unite Muslems in Uganda. The President thanked the Libyan people for investing in Uganda and helping accelerate the country’s development.

At the same occasion, Museveni decorated other Libyan military officers who helped the NRA with the order of Kabalega and the order of Rwenzori medals.

Uganda’s minister for regional Co-operation Augustine Nshimye, Uganda’s envoy to Libya William Hakiza, MPs Umar Lule, Teopista Sentongo (Workers) and the Libyan ambassador to Uganda, Abdallah Bujeldian, attended the ceremony.

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