*Museveni's friend cuts the throat of a child and goes free ????????????

And who introduced child sacrifice into our country, if not  Janet Museveni

Janet Museveni collected (and killed) 120 small boys.
She cut off their heads and penises, which she used as foundation stones for
her mall.

Now it has become a fashion to sacrifice a child to 'get rich'. Can you
imagine these BALOKOLE ?

This is the fantastic NRM that Dr. Muniini never stopped singing about !!!
Government appeals Kajubi acquittal  Sunday, 25th April, 2010  [image:
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*By Steven Candia*

THE Government is to appeal the acquittal of Kampala businessman Godfrey
Kato Kajubi of charges of murdering 12-year-old Joseph Kasirye for ritual
sacrifice in Masaka in 2008.

The head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Edward Ochom, told said
yesterday he had discussed the matter with the Director of Public
Prosecutions (DPP) immediately after the High Court gave its ruling in
Masaka on Friday.

“The DPP is going to appeal,” Ochom said. He wondered, why, despite all the
witnesses and evidence produced before the court, the judge said Kajubi did
not have a case to answer.

“This is not going to be the first time we are appealing. We appealed in the
Ikoba case and you saw the outcome,” Ochom said.

Ikoba Tibagalana, the LC5 chief of Mayuge district, had been acquitted of
charges of murdering his political opponent, but a higher court reversed the
ruling. Tibagalana is now on the run.

In the Masaka murder case, Justice Moses Mukiibi cleared Kajubi and ordered
his immediate release, saying the main witnesses had deliberately lied to
the court and the prosecution had failed to prove a case against the

Mukiibi said the evidence of the principle witnesses, withdoctor Umar
Kateregga and his wife Mariam Nabukeera, was contradictory and, therefore,

“The prosecution evidence is so unreliable that no reasonable tribunal can
safely convict the accused on it. The accused is set free and should be
released from jail unless he is held on other lawful charges,” the judge

Initially Kajubi, Kateregga and Nabukeera had been jointly indicted for the
murder. But the DPP dropped the charge against Kateregga and Nabukeera and
promised to deal with them separately later. They were released from prison
and turned into State witnesses.

A handful of people in the courtroom clapped after Kajubi was acquitted, but
the majority showed disappointment. None of Kasirye’s relatives was present
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