In politics there is  something you will never hide. I have spent zillion of
hours posting how president Obama has failed on foreign policy yet many of
you decided to simply go after me even when you have watched the refugee
attack on Europe. Well today we have a total internal break down in United
States because Obama as a leader is a failure. And as the man stated few
days ago, The entire United States is just a massive crime scene. 


And allow me to please opine/extrapolate.


Yes there are blacks that are being shot by Police Officers, but that does
not mean that there is an agenda of whites to murder blacks in United
States, for when you look closely, many of those killings, have happened
when the Police Chief is black and the police officer is black. Are we
preaching today that blacks are killing blacks !!!!!! But here is another
concerning issue, the problem is actually not blacks and it is not police
officers, it is actually one person, Loretta Lynch. You have a crappy AG
that has failed always but she is kept in the position for she sucks up.
And today you cannot go after her for you allowed her to be swayed by the
Bill Clinton family not to go after Hillary Clinton. The moment she agreed
to whatever threat Bill threw her on that airport tarmac by threatening her
appointment in Hillary administration,  Loretta became a liability.


The failure of the AG has now created a massive problem in your face. The
Police officer has been charged with a first degree murder in the Charlotte
N Carolina. There is no single jurisdiction in North America that I have
ever seen, able to file such a case against a police officer in such a short
time. What is happening in N Carolina is that the federal government
leadership has collapsed, and every police officer is expendable. The AG,
the white house, the Governor are all responding to criminals. There are
people that are affected with this death that is a given, but the people
destroying property are criminals. And the administration both local and
federal is only responding to the demands of the criminals. History has
educated us that criminals will never stop to demand. They have burnt
businesses, they have torched hotels, we have a warehouse in that city that
we cannot contact now for 20 hours, and our company only deals with life
threatening issues, many people are going to die because criminals have
taken over the city.


And in as much as anyone expected leadership from the Obama administration,
we have got the usual crap of what we did ten years ago worked and we are
continuing with it. That stupid reasoning has fail the democrats in Middle
East, or call it the international level,  it is very sad that it is failing
them in the home as well. You have allowed criminals to take over the
streets and you have bent over to allow them to do anything they want, you
have made it very complicated for anyone to be a police officer.


And if Hillary Clinton wins this election make sure you leave the force for
you are all going to be charged with some flimsy charge for going after
Police Officers fits the agenda of democrats.


It gives them a black vote.



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