I need you to go back and watch the debate, this time around watch it with-out 
bias. You will realize that Hillary actually spent most of the debate in the 
Trump’s side. She had a habit of standing on her side when the question is 
asked, but as soon as it was asked, Hillary walked across the line to the front 
of Trump’s side. And some one called me during the debate and complained about 
that cross walk that happened over and over. The fact that Hillary is short  
and Trump is tall, he looked as if he was hovering over her. 


Why did Hillary spend the entire debate in Trump’s side sir?



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Well said but even more telling is the unwavering support of his redneck 
(hard)core constituency. You should see them rioting over Trump and pledging 
themselves over his campaign! Nothing can disgust them over Trump. Nothing, no 
matter how low! It tells you one thing, this Trump Is the racist champion of 
redneck America in its last stand for ethnic dominance of an America - an 
immigrant country with an ever expanding ethnicity. Disparaging as this may 
seem to a fair minded one, Trump is wearing the racist redneck badge with pride.



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Donald Trump is guilty of moral squalor, of the sort never before experienced 
in American politics. His menacing manner of lurking and looming behind Hillary 
Clinton like a stalker, on the night of the debate made me fear for her safety. 
Donald Trump is a sexual pervert, and a depraved greaseball. We hear there are 
more tapes coming. I don't even want to listen to them. He's done in my 
opinion, but long after he's disappeared, the tawdry putrefaction of the sort 
of moral decomposition he introduced will still be wafting in the air, long 
after he is a political carcass. The ma n has no shame.


If age ain't nothing but a number, is a jail just another room?


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