<http://www.heraldglobe.com/index.php/sid/248485149> Paris terror attack
suspect will not be defended, lawyers claim

PARIS, France - The lawyers of the primary suspect in the Paris terror
attack, Salah Abdeslam chose to stand down following his client’s silence.
Abdeslam is the only surviving member of the terror group that killed 130
people in Paris last November. He refused to answer any question as he was
‘extremely disturbed’ after he was put under 24-hour video surveillance in a
maximum security prison.

Following the attacks, Abdeslam fled to Brussels, Belgium where he was
arrested in March and transferred to France in April. At present, he is not
willing to be represented by anyone in court.

Frank Berton, one of the lawyers in the case said, “We are convinced, and he
told us, that he will not talk and will use his right to remain silent. What
can we do? I have said it from the beginning, if my client remains silent, I
will drop his defence.”

"We have seen him slide away. Being watched all the time with infrared at
night drives one crazy. That is a consequence of a political decision – to
put Abdeslam on continuous monitoring,” Barton added.

Although ISIS-backed Abdeslam was a key figure in the Paris attacks, his
specific role is yet to be determined. 

Born on September 15, 1989 in Brussels, Abdeslam was a troubled kid. He and
his two brothers were under police watch for drug trafficking in his teens.
He served jail sentence in 2010 with Abdelhamid Abbaoud, who is thought to
be the mastermind in Paris attacks, for burglary. 

A transport technician for STIB, Abdeslam was fired for poor timekeeping. He
went on to manage ‘Les Beguines’ bar in Molenbeek with brother Brahim in
2013 but it was shut down. 

In 2015, he was again detained by police and fined 70 euros for possession
of cannabis. In the same year, both brothers were put in the police list for
links with Islamist fighters in Syria.

“The real victims of all of this are the victims of the Paris attacks,
because they are entitled to this truth and they have the right to try to
comprehend the incomprehensible,” Sven Mary, a Belgian lawyer said.

However, at this point when the investigation is still ongoing, Abdeslam may
not need a lawyer as at the time of trial, he would need to be represented
in court.

With his own lawyers not being able to crack him - it remains to be seen if
the case of one of the most brutal attacks in Europe, will indeed find an




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