If you thought that ObamaCare repeal and replace was a  fight, watch the
immigration reform, it is going to be a very interesting one. For the record
Americans have not done an immigration reform for at least 50 or so years. I
have argued that national policy must never be done based on a smaller
number of population but the majority. ObamaCare is failing to be repealed
not for the goodness of the 350 million Americans, but the goodness of 20
million or less. There is not a single document I have found anywhere
discussing how the 300 million Americans are treated by ObamaCare, the
discussion on a national policy starts and ends with 20 or actually less
million. Those are the only Americans that matter. Likewise the discussion
about Immigration is not based on quality but on immigrants that come to
United States to pick Tomatoes and Potatoes. Again never build a national
policy based on only a few.


Many Western countries including Canada Australia and many European
countries, run their immigration based on a point system, so we send an
instruction to The Nairobi embassy that this year we need 5,000 immigrants.
The embassy in Nairobi interview applicants based on what they have to
offer, and earn points out of the offers. What school did you go to? Are you
married? What occupation do you hold today? How long have you worked? The
answers you give to those questions, are tallied up into points and when you
get the required points, you earn the visa to immigrate to this country.
Americans on the other side, bring one person, and that one person sponsors
his entire village. Under a policy of open arms Americans always end up with
the quantity than the quality. When you look at the people that post the
most in these forums, they are mainly from United States, they respond
before you hit the send button. They are home 24 7. Life becomes very
complicated in Canada if you do not work, I have seen people putting in real
hours and real weeks to get a job done, again a Ugandan in United States
stated that he is happy the repeal has failed for now his Viagra is free
again. Well, No it is actually not free, there are real people out there
that work their butts off to pay for it.


But United States has been so clogged up with a society that is not
educated, many of the Doctors in United States are actually Canadians, many
of the teachers there are actually Canadians, many of The actors in
Hollywood are actually Canadians, many of the researchers, the writers and
so on are actually Canadians. We bring  in many immigrants but our
population does not grow because many end up in United States. When you go
back at the last ten or so years, every single job creation report you will
read, has a section that there are jobs but we do not have the brains to
fill them up. That sentence has been coming on every single job report for
the last at minimum 10 years. So this particular class of jobs is open, yet
when you look at the 350 million people you simply do not have the education
to cover them. Our banks here used to send their work to India, now we no
longer send it for we brought the Indians to Canada. And we bring the good
quality targeted to polish the work force. Now here is an interesting part,
President Trump said that he wants to build a wall on Mexico, but when you
look at the physical numbers, there are way more Canadians that go to United
States illegally, than immigrants from Southern America, why is he not
building a wall on Canada? Because the immigrants that move through here are
not criminals. They have what Americans do not have, an education to do the
jobs that American population is not educated to do. Go to the International
station, much of what they use there is actually made from here. How are we
able to do all that when we are only 30 million? We care about the quality
that immigrate here than the quantity.


But you have another problem as well, American immigration system puts
Americans last, there ae institutions that simply make it impossible for
anyone to get a position if he/she is White. They do not need you. There are
jobs that you will never ever get, and not for you are not educated enough
to do them, but because you are white. I was reading a report the other day,
and for the very first time in Harvard’s 350 year history, the 2021 class of
incoming freshmen, 51% are going to be students of racially back ground than
white. In 350 year history it has never happened. Now let us look closely at
the Harvard numbers, 2,038 of the 39,506 applicants were admitted. White
students still made up a plurality of matriculations: 49.1 percent. In the
general US population, white people make up 62.6 percent. The incoming class
of 2021 is 22.2 percent Asian American (who make up 5.6 percent of the US
population), 14.6 percent African American (who are 13.2 percent of the US
population), 11.6 percent Hispanics and Latinos (17 percent of the US
population), and 2.5 percent Native American or Pacific Islander (2.4
percent of the US population). In other words, white and Hispanic/Latinos
were underrepresented; African Americans, Native Americans, and Pacific
Islanders were relatively well-represented; and Asian Americans were vastly
overrepresented. The vast majority of students, 88.8 percent, were US
nationals, while the remainder are citizens of other countries. These
numbers can never change unless you revamp the immigration system from
basing it to Tomato/Potato pickers to a system based on points. United
States remains the only country in The West that does not use points system
for immigration.

Democrats prefer to  bring in more Tomato pickers for they are creating
themselves an electorate.


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