Why Belgo-Rwandans are set to appear before Belgian parliament to defend
crimes of their fathers

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*        PUBLISHED: February 20, 2018

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*        The Belgian Federal Parliament is to invite a group of neo-Nazis to
hear their representations, ahead of a parliamentary debate on a bill to
make genocide denial a criminal offence. Of course, no such invitation has
been issued by the Belgian Parliament, but seen with a Rwandan context, what
the parliament is actually doing, is little short of that.

On 29th September 2017, a group calling itself Jambo ASBL, a non-profit
organisation based in Brussels, sent a letter with a dossier to the Belgian
Federal Parliament. The dossier entitled, “Observations on the proposed law
against the denial, minimisation, justification, or approval of the genocide
committed in Rwanda in 1994”, expressed the group’s concerns about the
proposed bill, and asked for their concerns to be heard. The Parliament duly
obliged, and the date is set for 1st March 2018.

As proposed by Gilles Foret, the bill is to “repress the denial,
minimisation, justification, or approval of the genocide committed against
the Tutsi in 1994”. One of the group’s objections is that criminalising
genocide denial deprives the accused a line of defence. It’s a startling,
audaciously insidious line of attack, that the denial of genocide should not
be criminalised, because, as they see it, it’s a valid line of defence for
those accused of the crime.

A closer look at the individuals behind Jambo ASBL, and it is clear why for
them outlawing Genocide denial would be as big a blow, as allowing the
continuation of the status quo would be to genocide survivors, and anyone
for whom “Never Again” has to be more than mere words.

This is an organisation that was founded and run by the offspring of the
planners and perpetrators of the Genocide against the Tutsi. And it is a
realisation of a plan conceived in the jungles of what was then Zaire, now
the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by the fleeing genocidal

As early as 1994 with their arrival in DRC, they were already planning how
to convince the world that the Genocide they painstakingly planned, and
executed was a spontaneous conflict between two opposing groups.

A military commission to learn “the causes of our defeat” was set up by
former Rwandan army chief, Major General Augustin Bizimungu, now in prison
for crimes of genocide, after his conviction by the International Criminal
Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). One of the commission’s recommendations was the
setting up of a new group, the Rally for the Return of Refugees, and
Democracy (RDR).

Its membership was made up of the most extremist elements from the former
ruling party, the National Republican Movement for Democracy and Development
(MRND), and another extremist group, the Coalition for the Defence of the
Republic, (CDR). The new group would consist of the true believers in the
politics of the so called Hutu-Power politics, and would be home to every
Hutu-Power faction.

As well as military organisation, the commission identified winning of the
propaganda war, especially winning the support of the International
Community, as an essential element in their fight back.

To win this support, a strategy that continues to this day was devised: keep
known figures from the genocidal establishment in the background, and
promote supporters and sympathisers who were not directly implicated in the
Genocide, especially the young.

Those who lived, or were abroad at the time of the Genocide were to be
especially prized. It would be the RDR which would spearhead these efforts.
The RDR was quick to identify Victoire Ingabire, as one of its greatest
assets. Committed to the cause, and resident in the Netherlands throughout
the mid-90s, she could distance herself from direct involvement of crimes
committed in Rwanda.

Now leader of FDU-Inkingi party, Victoire Ingabire was appointed one of the
first leaders of RDR. She is now serving fifteen years in prison in Rwanda,
for crimes which include conspiring with proscribed groups to overthrow the
Rwandan state. Another of the commission’s recommendations was to encourage
sympathetic journalists to gain access to influential media houses, then
keep in touch with them, and through them pump out messages to the world.

It is in this context that Jambo ASBL can be understood. The person trusted
with the creation, and leadership of the RDR, following the submission of
Bizimungu’s commission, was Juvenal Bahufite. Bahufite had been a
Lieutenant-Colonel in the defeated Rwandan army. He was highly regarded, and
trusted. As a sector commander in Gisenyi, he was, for instance,
particularly influential, in the training of Interahamwe militia. On arrival
in the DRC, he was appointed head of military intelligence for the genocidal

His daughter, Lilian Bahufite, is one of the leaders of Jambo ASBL. She is
not the only one who is promoting her father’s cause. The entire staff of
the organisation reads like a who’s who of the sons and daughters of the
Rwanda genocidal establishment. The current chairperson, Natacha Abingeneye,
is the daughter of Juvenal Uwiringiyimana. A cabinet minister in
Habyarimana’s government, Uwiringiyimana was one of the creators of the
Interahamwe militia. He was murdered in Brussels, it is believed by his
former colleagues, because he was about to enter into a plea bargain with
the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR).

The former chairman of the organisation, Placide Kayumba, is the son of
Dominique Ntawukuriryayo. He was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison by
the ICTR. As sous-prefet of Gisagara in what was then Butare prefecture, he
was directly responsible for the murder of thirty thousand men, women and
children. Robert Mugabowindekwe is the son of Ephrem Rwabarinda, a Colonel
in Habyarimana’s army. Mugabowindekwe’s wife Kami Runyinya is the daughter
of Professor Runyinya Barabwiriza, who was a special adviser to Habyarimana.
He was also the president of MNRD in Butare prefecture. Among his
responsibilities was to oversee the training of the Interahamwe militia in
that prefecture.

One of the founder members of Jambo ASBL is Ruhumuza Mbonyumutwa. His
grandfather, Dominique Mbonyumutwa, was appointed by the Belgian
colonialists as interim president of Rwanda for ten months from 1961. In
that short period of time, he would distinguish himself by planning and
instigating the first massacres of Tutsi in 1959-60. His son, Ruhumuza’s
father, Shingiro Mbonyumutwa, was Director of Cabinet to Jean Kambanda, the
prime minister in the government the genocidal government. Jean Kambanda was
convicted by the ICTR to life imprisonment.

The group maintains close links with others of similar mind. Ruhumuza’s
brother, Patrice, is vice chairman of the Belgian branch of Victoire
Ingabire’s FDU-Inkingi. Jambo Asbl styles itself as a “human rights
association”, whose objectives includes to “carry out projects” aimed at
peace, dialogue and justice”. In reality it is a Trojan horse for the
objectives of the RDR. Jambo Asbl’s activities include a YouTube Channel,
Jambonews, all of which are revisionist platforms for their forebears, who
were part of the genocidal machinary, which at latest count claimed
1,074,017 Tutsi lives.

These activities are shrewdly, if transparently camouflaged as “a human
rights association”. In their letter to Belgian parliament, they included on
their list of speakers Rwanda’s Foreign Minister, Louise Mushikiwabo,
knowing full well that she would always give them the widest berth possible.
Her inclusion was a ruse to fool Parliamentarians that JamboAsbl was
inclusive of all Rwandan opinion.

The almost tragic irony of Jambo Asbl is that, while in Rwanda, the
government has assiduously worked to protect children of Genocide
perpetrators from the feelings and stigma of inherited guilt, it is the
parents, guilty of the gravest crimes of genocide, who now work tirelessly
to inculcate their own children into the gravest crimes, committed before
most of these had barely entered their formative years.

Belgium was the first country to unequivocally seek forgiveness from the
people of Rwanda for their then government’s part in the Genocide against
the Tutsi. In his speech on his visit to Rwanda in September 2000, then
Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt would say, “In the name of my country, I bow
to the victims of the genocide. In the name of my country, on behalf of my
people, I request forgiveness”.

How ironic that it is Rwandans, albeit naturalised Belgians, who would seek
to contradict these moving words, in their opposition to the law against
genocide denial. 


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