French President Emmanuel Macron said: "With a family that has seven, eight
children in Africa, invest billions, nothing will change. (...) The
challenge of Africa is civilizational. "The Guinean sociologist Amadou
Douno, a professor at the Ahmadou-Dieng University of Conakry, answers him.


"Africans do not need your debauchery civilization. Because with your
civilization: a man can sleep with a man; a woman can sleep with a woman; a
single president can have two mistresses at a time; a woman can sleep with
her dog; a child can insult his father and mother without problem; a child
can imprison his parents. "


"With your civilization, when parents are getting older, they are taken to
the retirement home, and finally, with your civilization, a young man can
live with a woman who is his mother's age or his grandma without problem.
Your case is a perfect illustration! Africans have no civilization lesson to
receive from people like you!


Africa is by far the richest continent in the world with its enormous
mineral wealth. What is delaying this continent is the large-scale pillage
of its resources by the great powers, France in the lead! "


"All the misery of Africa comes from this country that realizes its
ambitions on the backs of Africans, with the complicity of these traitors
who do not hesitate to sacrifice entire generations by delivering their
countries to the former colonizing power.


They entrust all the key sectors of their economies to France. In reality,
they lead the political strategy or vision desired by the former settler.
This contributes to driving their populations into misery and extreme
poverty. This is the cause of coups d'état, civil wars, genocides, famines,
with despots at the head of these countries that are kept in power by
France, because it meets all their requirements! "


"France is nothing without Africa! The day the African countries turn their
backs on France, this country will plunge into chaos! As long as African
countries do not abandon this domination of the former colonial power, by
taking charge of their own destiny, as the Asian countries have done, it
will be very difficult for them to get out of the abyss. 

The challenge for Africa is to get rid of France. Because the latter is not
the solution to its underdevelopment, it is at the heart of the problem! " 



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