Are there any computer science students on the UKNOF list who might be
interested in this?

Google have a global program aimed at getting more student developers
into open source software via a 3-month mentored coding project.

ISC has been selected as one of the participating mentor organizations
in this year's Google Summer of Code program - specifically for the ISC
Kea project.  Kea is a grassroots-up rewrite of the DHCP server
protocol, not long out of its infancy but rapidly gaining interest from
network admins.

Students who get a project proposal accepted are paid a stipend for the
three months while they're coding - more details here:

And if ISC Kea isn't 'your thing' - there are plenty of other
organisations in the programme hoping to receive project proposals,
several others with a networks angle to them.  Search here:

(But don't dally - the proposals submission deadline is 12th March).


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