Hi All,

I’ve got an order for a pair of diverse Ethernet circuits to be delivered to 
Verizon’s DC in Edinburgh where our customer has colo.  Despite the fact their 
DC directly through the wall from our PoP in the Pulsant DC, we’re struggling 
to get 3rd party fibre connections in there.  The customer informed us that 
Verizon have historically accepted Openreach into the building, so we’ve 
successfully managed to get an EAD installed for one route, but I still don’t 
have a second route.

Obviously I’ve investigated bringing in 3rd parties - but it would seem they 
either won’t entertain it, or we’re speaking to the wrong people.  I have also 
tried asking the question about getting Verizon themselves to provide a 
connection for us.  Tantalisingly, they have an ODF on our side of the wall - 
but nobody seems to want to sell me a cross-connect, or even an expensive 
Ethernet service.  Is there a clueful Sales person at Verizon on this list?  
Anyone got any other ideas?  I’m reluctant to try Openreach RO2 with this site.

TL;DR - Verizon don’t seem to have very good carrier-neutral credentials 
(understandably).  Does anyone know how I can buy a non-Openreach route into 
their facility in Edinburgh?

Please contact me off-list if you have any pearls of wisdom!

Thanks in advance.


Charlie Boisseau
CTO, Commsworld / Fluency

Twitter: @charlieboisseau

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