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27 Sept. 1862 List of Government Emigrants per 'Mersey'

Married Couples and Families -
H. McKEAGUY, wife and two children, Antrim, farm laborer;
J. McILROY, wife and four children, Down, farm laborer;
H. McCAULEY, wife and four children, Antrim, farm laborer;
J. PATTERSON, wife and three children, Down, farm laborer;
J. MOORE, wife and child, Tyrone, farm laborer;
M. KENNEDY, wife and child, Antrim, farm laborer;
W. BENNETT, wife and child, Armagh, ploughman;
W. DAVISON, wife and three children, Armagh, farm laborer;
W. J. DYNES, wife and child, Armagh, farm laborer;
G. HEWELL and wife, Armagh, saddler;

Single Men
R. and T. MOORE, Tyrone, farm laborers;
S. McCROY, Down, laborer;
J. GREEN, Antrim, laborer;
J. SHEPHERD, Antrim, laborer;
F. DYNES, Armagh, laborer;
M. FITZPATRICK, Tyrone, farm laborer;
B. and E. TRACEY, Tyrone; laborer;
T. DONOHUE, Tipperary, laborer;
J. SULLIVAN , Armagh, laborer;
 J. SULLIVAN, Armagh, laborer;
C. HAUGHHEY, Down, farm laborer;
H. SHAW, Down, farm laborer;
W. NIXON, Down, laborer;
W., M. and G. HEARNEY, Armagh, farm laborers;

Single Women.
Martha McCROY, Down, farm servant;
M. GALLILAND and child Tyrone, domestic servant;
E. and A. McCROY, Down, domestic servants;
S. GREEN, Antrim, domestic servant;
Priscilla DYNES, Armagh, domestic servant;
Norah CARROLL, Down, domestic servant;
S. and M. GLOVER, Down, domestic servants;
R. MISKELLY, Down, dairymaid;
Anne KEARNEY, Armagh, housekeeper;
Eliz. and S. A. KEARNEY, Armagh, domestic servants;

Thank you to the National Library of New Zealand for permission to repost.

from the Lyttelton Times

transcribed by Teena

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