published in the Scots Magazine

Thunder storms Kills Wed 1 Sept 1819

In the beginning of this month, thunder storms prevailed over the
three kingdoms, which were in various parts productive of considerable
damage but, except in one case in Ireland, were not attended with loss
of human life. The sufferer in this case was Arthur GALBRAITH, Esq. of
Lissnally near Omagh. This gentleman, it appeared, had a remarkable
dread of thunder, and when the storm came on he was sitting in his own
house and immediately betook himself to a bible. The servant came in
to lay the cloth for dinner, and he instantly dismissed him charging
him to take the knives and forks out of the room, and entreated every
person in the house would go to their devotion until (as he
emphatically said) this awful visitation passed. He was sitting on a
sofa at a small table, his lady opposite him; his two daughters and
their governess at their work, when he got up, after reading for some
time, and unfortunately sat down in a corner, and leaned his head back
against the wall; he had not been there two minutes until he was
struck dead instantaneously. Mrs GALBRAITH was thrown to the floor,
where she lay quite insensible; one of the children's faces scorched,
the other burnt in the neck, as if three bars of red hot iron had been
laid on the place; the window curtains burnt to cinders, and scattered
all over the room; the marble chimney pieces in three rooms shattered
off in a thousand pieces; the locks twisted off the doors and seven
hundred panes of glass broke; a dog in the kitchen killed, and every
being in the house except the governess, either less or more injured.

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