County  of Cavan Assizes
from the Belfast Commercial Chronicle 4 Apr 1807

Patrick DOYLE otherwise DOW and Michael MAGLIN were convicted of the
murder James TAYLOR, on the 31st July last. This barbarous act
appeared have been committed in the mountainous district near
Swadlinbar. The deceased had been together with the prisoners, who
were his tenants, at the house of their head landlord, where some
disputes arose respecting rent due by the prisoners to the deceased,
for which he threatened to distrain. Their shortest way homewards lay
across unfrequented mountain; the prisoners set out first, and were
seen passing through the mountain. The deceased was advised not to
pursue the same tract, but take a more circuitous route, for the
purpose avoiding the prisoners, whose wicked designs were suspected.
but neglecting this hint, followed them. The prisoners arrived at
their own houses, but the deceased was not heard from for three days;
when his friends proposed to search for him in the mountain, and the
prisoners, among others, were called upon to assist.they attended, and
endeavored to draw the party from the place where the murder had been
perpetrated but in this they failed. - the body was in a miserably
mangled state; and the mouth and throat were stuffed full of moss and
clay. A chain of minute but concurring circumstances brought the crime
home to the prisoners; and if any doubt of their guilt remained, it
was removed their full confession. Mr. Justice MAINE with much
feeling, and becoming solemnity passed the dreadful sentence of the
law, and they were ordered for execution the 23d ult.

Happy Easter All
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