12 Aug.1816

Peter and Laurence BRENNAN, were tried for being ribbon-men, and
appearing in arms by night. Not Guiltv.

 James FLOOD and Michael REILLY convicted of the murder Pat. SMYTH at
Kilcogy, by the thrust of a bayonet given him by said FLOOD on the 4th
January, of which he died on the 4th February, the said REILLY being
present, were both sentenced to death, and executed Monday last.

Joseph REILLY Patrick SMYTH, John CUSUC and Owen LAMB for breaking
into the house of one Thomas SMYTH and administering to him an
Unlawful oath.— Not Guilty.

Philip SMYTH John HUGH and Given O'REILLY for breaking into the house
of Bernard REILLY at Drummock and administering to him an unlawful
oath to the following purport: “ That would attend at every meeting
when required by them, or any other person in their way, and to assist
them in recovering all rights and privileges by them lost since the
revolution or reformation and that he should neither buy from, nor
sell to, any Orangeman, nor any person who was not of his own
persuasion, or keep company with any Freemason or Orangeman to his
knowledge, and also that he should not execute the warrants he had
against them for illicit distillation. and that he should keep secret
all he had sworn.” Guilty transported for fourteen years.

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