from Enniskillen Chronicle & Erne Packet 26 Aug 1824

Armagh assizes

In another part our paper we have given the trial of James, Jane, and
Ann SPENCER for the murder Thos. SPENCER near Loughgall, of which the
following circumstances have been given: A person named SPENCER who
has lately been in a state of lunacy, had married against the
inclination of his relations. Although insane, not resident with his
wife, and only 6 years married, yet it appears she has had, in the
course of that time, 3 children to him. Means were always found, by
which they came together. The oldest child, it appears, would have
been, at its father's death, entitled to a handsome property; have
heard it stated at 200£. May last, the house of Mrs. SPENCER was
forcibly entered by a man also named SPENCER, but what connexion the
family know not. He deliberately proceeded to murder the child, and
also a servant woman in the house; and would most likely have treated
Mrs. SPENCER in a similar manner, had she not effected her escape. He
was attended by 2 females SPENCER , and the 2 Misses , SPENCER 's were
tried for this most savage crime at the late Armagh Assizes. He was
found guilty and has been executed. The females were acquitted. This
is a crime of the most cold blooded description, founded in avarice,
that we have ever met with. It is perfectly astounding, to conceive
that such things can take place in a civilised country, and with
people moving above the ordinary ranks in life.

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