extracted & transcribed from Saunders Newsletter

Thurs.12 Sept. 1805
Downpatrick assizes

John DOYLE alias James DOYLE, found guilty of feloniously uttering
forged and counterfeited Bank notes of Governor and Company of the
Bank of Ireland with intent defraud Mathew BROWN. - Ordered to hanged
Saturday the 2d Nov. next.

Mary BAKER found guilty of receiving stolen goods - ordered to be
imprisoned 2 months.

Ann TIERNEY, Jane SLOAN and Michael TIERNEY found guilty of receiving
stolen goods - Ordered to be imprisoned 3 months.

Richard COOKE found guilty of feloniously stealing cloth to the value
3£ the property of David M’COMB - Sentenced to be transported for 7
years, having pleaded the benefit of the Statute.

Thomas BYRNE found guilty of having forged notes of the Governor and
Company of the Bank of Ireland in his possession with intent to utter
and negotiate same as genuine notes of said Bank. - Ordered to
publicly whipped in the town of Newry on the 17th October next, and to
be imprisoned 12 months.

Owen WHITE (late assistant to the Jailor) tried and acquitted of
suffering Alexander STEWART and Robert STEWART prisoners (under
sentence of death for forging a deed) to go at large and escape out of
the jail without the consent of the jailor.

Peter HOLLYWOOD tried and acquitted of stealing a mare the property

Sophia ANDERSON acquitted of grand larceny.

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