This is correct.

All Microsoft packages seem to exit with status 194 if they think a
reboot is required; i.e., if they would otherwise reboot the system
but you passed a switch telling them not to.

This is by observation, by the way.  It is documented nowhere that I
can find.  But it applies to every Microsoft update I have ever tried,
regardless of packaging technology.

So we added .reboot-on to let us detect this exit status and reboot
the system as appropriate.  (Yes, all these reboots are supposedly
unnecessary thanks to "qchain", but I do not trust qchain.)

As usual, the documentation lags the implementation.  Sorry...

 - Pat

"Steven D. Pretlove" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> As I understand it, 
> .Reboot-on Reboots the machine if the return code is equel to the
> argument
> .Ignore-err simply causes the program to not stop when an installation
> returns a non std error (ie not 0)
> Cheers

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