> Due to a Virus aler, I've found out that IIS are being installed
> during the Win2000sp4 unattended instalation.

The Z:\lib\unattend.txt file installs IIS by default.  Which may sound
stupid, but Z:\scripts\base.bat disables the service by default.  As
long as the service is disabled, IIS just takes up disk space; it does
not consume CPU nor does it represent a security threat.

This makes it easier to configure some systems with IIS and some
without.  It also means we apply the same set of updates without
having to conditionalize everything on IIS.

> I don't need IIS to be instal*led in the user computers. How can I
> avoid IIS from being intalled. I asume there is probably something
> in site/unattended.txt which I have not found yet.

You can edit Z:\lib\unattend.txt and remove the settings from the
[Components] section.  Or you can create Z:\site\unattend.txt with a
[Components] section to explicitly exclude the IIS components.

 - Pat

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