Jordan Share <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> What is it that you want me to try with the Linux boot disk?  I have
> tried it out on system I had handy, but there is nothing on the
> serial port (after the PXE boot completes, anyway).

Add something like this to the "append" line of pxelinux.cfg/default:


According to linux/Documentation/serial-console.txt:

  The format of this option is:


        device:         tty0 for the foreground virtual console
                        ttyX for any other virtual console
                        ttySx for a serial port
                        lp0 for the first parallel port

        options:        depend on the driver. For the serial port this
                        defines the baudrate/parity/bits of the port,
                        in the format BBBBPN, where BBBB is the speed,
                        P is parity (n/o/e), and N is bits. Default is
                        9600n8. The maximum baudrate is 115200.

  You can specify multiple console= options on the kernel command line.
  Output will appear on all of them.

 - Pat

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