A similar issue to the nndda: starting on page 54 of the TDIL newsletter
(http://tdil.mit.gov.in/ori-guru-telu.pdf) and continuing onto the next
page, they list conjuncts that have BA or WA as the second element. I've
shown those from the bottom of p. 54 in the attached image.

The shape for the conjoined component is the same for both of these.
They describe the first as involving BA, however, while all the others
involve WA. The question, then, is how "MBA" should be encoded: as <
0B2E MA, 0B4D VIRAMA, 0B2C BA >, or as < 0B2E MA, 0B4D VIRAMA, 0B71 WA

Peter Constable
Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
Microsoft Windows Division

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