the ongoing effort to create label generation rules (LGRs) for the IDNs for the root zone of the DNS has now reached another milestone: Version 2 of the Root Zone LGR (RZ-LGR-2) has been published. It extends the RZ-LGR to six scripts.  You can go to, scroll down to Root Zone LGR link or go directly to

At present this effort covers

Work is underway on the CJK scripts, Cyrillic, Greek and Latin.  Armenian has been completed but will be published in the context of the European scripts when they are ready. Work is also progressing on the scripts of India. The Root Zone will be limited to modern scripts in general use for commerce and administration. At the moment, 28 scripts have been identified that satisfy these criteria, and a Maximal Starting Repertoire has been defined to contain their modern-use subset of characters.

For additional project details see the ICANN site.

An LGR defines which labels (in this case IDN TLDs) are valid, which labels are mutually exclusive of one another, and which, if any of these, may be nevertheless delegated to the same entity in parallel. The normative specification of the RZ-LGR uses the format for an XML representation for LGRs defined in RFC 7940.

For more on IDNs see document L2-17/289


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