SundaraRaman R wrote:

but the very common pulli (VIRAMA)
is neither in Lo nor has 'Other_Alphabetic', and so leads to
concluding any string containing it to be non-alphabetic.

Is this definition part of Unicode? I thought the use of General Category to answer questions like "this sequence is a word" or "this string is alphabetic" was much more complex than that. (I'm not even sure what the latter means, for any script with any sort of combining mark.)

Richard Wordingham wrote:

The effects of virama that spring to mind are:

(a) Causing one or both letters on either side to change or combine to
indicate combination;

(b) Appearing as a mark only if it does not affect one of the letters
on either side;

(c) Causing a left matra to appear on the left of the sequence of
consonants joined by a sequence of non-visible viramas.

Most of these don't apply to Tamil, of course.

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