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FAQ (http://unicode.org/faq/vs.html) states:

     For historic scripts, the variation sequence provides a useful tool,
     because it can show mistaken or nonce glyphs and relate them to the
     base character. It can also be used to reflect the views of
     scholars, who may see the relation between the glyphs and base
     characters differently. Also, new variation sequences can be added
     for new variant appearances (and their relation to the base
     characters) as more evidence is discovered.
I'm proof-reading a paper where I quote the above fragment and to my
surprise I noticed it's no longer present in the FAQ.

That text is, in fact, still present on the FAQ page in question:


So my question are:

1. Does the change mean the change of the official policy of the

Your premise here, however, is mistaken. The FAQ pages do *not*, and never have represented official policy of the Unicode Consortium. The individual FAQ entries are contributed by many people -- some attributed, and some not. They are updated or added to periodically by various editors, in response to feedback, or as old entries grow out-dated, or new issues arise. Those updates are editorial, and do not reflect any official decision process by Unicode technical committees or officers. The FAQ main page itself points out that "The FAQs are contributed by many people," and invites the public to submit possible new entries for editing and addition to the list of FAQs.

For official technical content, refer to the published technical specifications themselves, which are carefully controlled, versioned, and archived.

For official policies of the Unicode Consortium, refer to the Unicode Consortium policies page, which is also carefully controlled:


2. Are the archival versions of the FAQ available somewhere?


3. Are the changes to the FAQ documented somehow (a version control



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