> On 29 Apr 2019, at 20:02, Doug Ewell via Unicode <unicode@unicode.org> wrote:
> Philippe Verdy wrote:
>> A very useful think to add to Unicode (for colorblind people) !
>> http://bestinportugal.com/color-add-project-brings-color-identification-to-the-color-blind
>> Is it proposed to add as new symbols ?
> Well, it isn't proposed until someone proposes it.
> At first I thought Emojination would be best to write this proposal, to
> improve its chances of approval. But these aren't really emoji; they're
> actual text-like symbols, of the type that has always been considered
> appropriate for Unicode. (They're not "for transport" per se; they are a
> secondary indication of colors, meant for the color-blind.)
> One important question that a proposal would need to answer is whether
> these symbols are actually used in the real world. They seem like a good
> and innovative new idea, and there is always a desire to help people
> with physical challenges; but neither of those is what Unicode is about.
> For non-emoji characters, there is usually still a requirement to show a
> certain level of actual usage.

The guy who made the artwork for Heroes is completely color-blind, seeing only 
in a grayscale, so they agreed he coded the colors in black and white, and then 
that was replaced with colors.


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