Any electricians out there? I'm baffled. Here's the situation:


Aft stateroom has two DC fluorescent lights - one at the entrance to the
stateroom, another overhead at the berth. Two switches control these lights
(they are in series, so both lights are controlled by the switches) - one at
the entryway, the other next to the berth. The light over the berth does not
work. The light at the entryway does work. Bulbs (tubes) are confirmed good
in both fixtures.


Here's the puzzle: Concerning the berth overhead fixture - voltage with
either switch in the off position reads 9.6v - voltage with either switch in
the on position reads 5.8v. I've confirmed this multiple times.


Questions: 1. Why some voltage, but not the full 12v at the fixture? Fixture
might work if full voltage was delivered to it. 2. More confusing - why the
voltage readings when the switches on/off, contrary to what would be
expected - lower voltage when off, higher voltage when on?


What the hey!



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