Kyle have you seen this yet? We've missed you!

This is the LAST WEEK to see Curio Theatre Company's production of 
'The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy'! After three weeks of fun and
excellent reviews we hope you take this opportunity to join us! There
are just three performances left - tonight at 8pm, and Saturday at 4pm 
and 8pm.

Call 215-525-1350 for tickets or buy online at

Need more persuasion? Read our review from the City Paper last week!

Philadelphia City Paper 
Nice Pickup
Part II of Hitchhiker's Guide is disappointing only in that there's no
Part III on the schedule.
by Mark Cofta

Published: Mar 20, 2007

A year ago, West Philly's Curio Theatre Company presented a "stage 
adaptation" — really a reading with visuals and music — of Douglas
Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, billing the first four
episodes of Adams' 1978 radio scripts (material that became novels, a 
television series and a feature film) as Part I. I was less than
enthusiastic when I saw Part II on this season's schedule, but having
seen it I'm disappointed there's no third chapter planned for next 

Director Jared Reed presents the further adventures of ordinary human
Arthur Dent; his alien pal, Ford Prefect; and their all-knowing
talking book, with more style. The three performers, who also play 
many other beings, still read at music stands, which now are decorated
with nifty banners and centered on the intimate Calvary Center
chapel's stage, with Nonthaporn and Ray Saunders' Terry Gilliam-ish
animations projected behind them for a more coherent picture.

Perhaps that's why I enjoyed not only the cast's dexterity with voices
and accents, but also their connections with one another — because I
could see them and their cartoonish illustrations simultaneously. Only
Jerry Rudasill remains from last year's trio, but Jennifer Summerfield
and Liam Castellan pick up admirably where Susan Jude and Drew
Peterson left off. 

They're costumed in lurid '70s style by Aetna Gallagher: Summerfield
features gold skirt and boots, Castellan dons a baby blue ruffled
tuxedo shirt from my closet circa 1977 and Rudasill sports orange 
cords, purple shirt, black vest and an afro. They're outer space's mod
squad, complete with groovy dance numbers between episodes to
Peterson's witty accompaniment, which combines surfer guitar riffs 
with squishy melodies from old arcade video games.

Jumping in at episode five challenges the uninitiated, but Adams'
scripts include recaps, and, let's face it, most drawn to THGTTG
already know the story: Supercomputer Deep Thought reveals the answer 
to "Life, the Universe, and Everything," but not the Ultimate Question

It's all an intergalactic hoot, leaving those who enjoy Adams'
Python-esque humor (either you love it, or you don't) wanting more. 
Could fans request marathon performances of future scripts? It's worth
a try. For now, enjoy these episodes — and don't panic.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Part II

Through April 7, Curio Theatre Company, Calvary Center, 4740 Baltimore 
Ave., 215-525-1350, TODAY AT 4PM AND 8PM!


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