Over the weekend, I received the note copied below.  I asked the writer if I 
could post it to a wider audience.  By now, the donation dollars are hopefully 
even higher than when it was written.

Lisa, Brett and 7-year-old Evan live on the 4600 block of Osage.  City Kitties 
is a great local organization which finds foster and then "forever" homes for 
stray cats in University City, nursing them back to health first if they have 
medical difficulties.  We are lucky to have Evan and City Kitties here in our 
neighborhood, and especially at this holiday time of the year, this is a really 
heartwarming story.  And also, it's too cold for the cats to stay outside!

Will you join Evan in contributing to City Kitties' rescue work?
- Melani Lamond
<<I can barely explain this, and I can?t help but brag about it.  Evan saved up 
his allowance for months and donated $46.75 to City Kitties, the cat rescue 
from which we got our adorable (if mischievous) Macha.  He wrote them a sweet 
note.  They posted it on their Facebook page, and it went viral.   Kyle Cassidy 
matched Evan?s donation to City Kitties and suggested that others do the same.  
At last count, it had been “retweeted” (I vaguely understand that) 47 times.  
Bloggers are linking back to other blogs.  Within hours, City Kitties received 
more than $400 in donations, and they are still coming.  Other people have 
donated to rescues in Arizona, Tennessee, California, Toronto, and locations 
unnamed, in Evan?s honor.  A woman in Austin, Texas made a video requesting 
donations for her local animal shelter, and credited Evan with inspiring her to 
take the time to do so.  Sample comment from the blogs:  “the world needs more 
Evans.”  We agree. J         

You can see his note here (and elsewhere!): 




Forgive our bragging!  We are just astounded!

Happy holidays, everyone.

Lisa, Brett, and Evan

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