I checked with Amy - she says the window the burglar entered, was level with a 
porch roof.  So, the burglar climbed onto her porch roof.  That still makes him 
pretty nimble, but at least he isn't able to (as far as we know) climb sheer 
brick facades.


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Whoa! So glad no one was hurt! Was there a tree or structure near the window 
that he climbed up to get to the 2nd story window? or did he bring a ladder?  
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Someone climbed through our open second story window today at 11:30am. The 
burglar ran off on realizing my husband was home and only got a laptop. Be 
careful, everyone.
Yes the police were just here. They said it's been happening a lot lately and 
they caught a guy with a bag of laptops recently. We're in the 4500 block of 
Chester. It was the back window facing Regent St.       
- Naomi    
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