I've talked to a few people who've seen this pooch over the last couple of weeks but couldn't help him/her. Please keep an eye out and call ACCT immediately if you see it (and can't capture it). The main # for ACCT is: 215-385-3800

If possible offer food and water.


Begin forwarded message:

Hi Linda,

Sometime in the last week I came home and found a very wet dog on my porch. He/she was under my porch swing. I came up the stairs quickly and didn't see until I was at the door. The dog seemed nervous and took off down the stairs and headed south out of sight, towards Osage from my house at 417 S 44th. Unfortunately, I could not stop to see if I could find it, identify it, or help. It was thoroughly soaked.

I am trying to remember dogs in the neighborhood, and I"m not sure I knew this one.

I don't know dog breeds too well. I can just say he/she was a deep golden color, maybe with black tips on the fur and darker at edge of ears, etc. It was medium size and build, not obviously young or old, I think a long tail. Short fur, solid and compact body type- seemed well-fed. It may have had a collar.

Does this sound like a dog you know or that has been lost recently?


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