To Mimi and others,

MAJOR problem plague finding cause(s), SUCH AS - your house(s)’s roofing (esp. 
shared adjoining - on twins), deteriorating walls, poorly sealed / silled 
windows, blocked or leaking of spouts and drains, various conditions of 
grounds, under-ground water table(s), too much or too little vegetation - SO 
many possible contributing factors… 

Might a swimming pool or a fruit tree be of interest to you???

If I had to be GUESSING here, I’d probably check the footings first!  

Also, if they are at issue, molds, rodents, and/or damaging bugs could seize on 
the opportunity and thereby invade harming more!!…  

Will send names off-line.

Richard Conrad

> On Sep 14, 2015, at 8:15 PM, Mimi Iijima <> wrote:
> Hello, Neighbors --
> On very rainy days, water seeps up from the floor of our basement.  While the 
> water drains away with better weather, with an increasing number of severe 
> weather days, we're noticing that this seepage happens more frequently.  The 
> house that's our twin also has the same problem.  Do you have this issue or 
> advice about containing the seepage?  Do you know of experts who deal with 
> this problem?
> We have a well functioning sump pump and dehumidifier which help keep our 
> basement dry and mildew free, but we would like to put a stop to the seepage 
> altogether.  We've read that 90% of basement leaks are the result of surface 
> water that does not drain into the soil and believe this is the case for our 
> house -- on rainy days, the large yard behind our house always has a large 
> pool of standing water that is clearly not being absorbed into the soil very 
> readily.
> Please e-mail me off line.  If anyone has access to UC Neighbors, would you 
> forward this message to that listserv?  Many thanks for your help!
> All best,
> Mimi Iijima
> 1009 S Farragut
> <>

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