Deadline for plant/wreath pre-orders is Monday November 23rd at Noon

Hi Neighbors,

If you need gifts or decorations then you should check out the University
City Garden Club Winter Plants and Greens Sale!!

Click the link above to download the flyer - please share it with your
friends and neighbors.

The FREE "make your own" workshop on December 5th will be a lot of fun where
you can make a wreath and/or centerpiece from scratch.

You can also buy a plain wreath and decorate it.  

Because we had no-shows last year you need to make a $15 refundable RSVP
deposit for the wreath-making workshop at the Walnut St. West Library.

Short on time - buy the whole works and pick it up on Dec. 6th.

We've been doing this for more than 15 years - we have wonderful top quality
plants and greens.

Thank you for your support of greening projects in University City.  Happy
Thanksgiving  :)


Lauren Leatherbarrow

UC Garden Club

Resident Woodland Terrace since 1984


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