Crossroads Music presents

Lúnasa with Karan Casey

Friday, December 18 at 7:30 pm
At St. Mary's Hamilton Village, 3916 Locust Walk

"The hottest Irish acoustic band on the planet." - Dirty Linen 

"Maintains the taut, quivering ornamentation of old ballad style, singing tales 
of love, war and murder with a gentle gravity.” - New York Times 

Since 1997, Lúnasa has become one of the most sought-after bands on the 
international Irish music scene. The band’s inventive arrangements and 
bass-driven grooves are steering Irish acoustic music into surprising new 
territory. Karan Casey has long been one of the most innovative, provocative, 
and imitated voices in Irish traditional and folk music. During a twenty-five 
year career ranging from her early days as a jazz performer in in Dublin to 
fronting the supergroup Solas in New York to her current status as one of 
Ireland's top soloists, she has sold over half a million albums.

Tickets ($10-30), video, and more information:
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