Kyle, Karen, any description of the guy from yesterday?

A guy just worked our block (on 43rd), claiming (to me, at least) to be with PECO, saying I was in violation of something -- I'm not -- that I hadn't dealt with. He too was persistent when I said I couldn't talk with him. Told him it was bs and he scribbled in his tiny notebook and said that was going on my record. I asked him his name and for his ID and he mumbled and went to my neighbor's porch. I went outside to watch him go up the rest of the block. He knocked on all the doors, and just one other person answered and sent him away.

He was dark-skinned AfAm, maybe 30s/older, a little stocky, maybe 5'10", no uniform or badge, black (nylon?) jacket, black cap, dark slacks, little spiral notebook.

If someone says they represent a utility or known company and won't produce an ID (real or fake), there's no way they are legit. Shouldn't we be reporting these 'occurrences' to the authorities? 911/ other ? Has anyone made such reports?

Please alert your neighbors, especially seniors, students, and those whose first language is not English, to be wary and not give any info or bill statements to such persons, and by no means do not let them in your house. These people can be very pushy and intimidating, which could scare some folks into giving them what they want... :(


From: Karen Heenan <>
Date: February 14, 2016 9:30:53 PM EST
Cc: Ucneighbors List <>

Same guy (or guy with same attitude) was on 45th St last week. Stopped by twice, got the door both times.

kyle cassidy <> wrote:

So ... some dude from Verizon stopped by with a clip board & offered me FiOs. I said I'd love some information on it. He didn't have anything he could leave but wanted to sign me up right now. I said I'd look on line and he said "well, how about I sign you up for an install date and you can look at things on line and if you don't like FiOs you can cancel the install" -- I said no -- my father having once told me that if someone wants you to buy something right now & won't let you think about it they're probably up to no good -- but he was very reluctant to take no for an answer. Eventually I had to just shut the door on him, Fuller Brush salesman style.

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