See Genevieve's note below. Please share and keep an eye out. If seen but can't capture, contact ACCT: Field Services Department at 267-385-3800 x600 (or option 1)." If captured, take to VHUP or PAWS clinic for microchip check.

Capturing strays: - see Recovery Tips (both cats & dogs)

From: genevieve delaney <>
Date: February 18, 2016 10:05:32 AM EST
To: Linda Lee <>
Subject: loose dog sighting in Clark Park

hi Linda,

About 15-20 minutes ago on my way to work, I saw what looked like a slightly smaller German Shepard but more of a greyish/black color & female cross 43rd from near the health center & then into the park. She was wearing a red collar, but didn't want to let me get close enough to take a photo or see if there was a tag attached - she just kept on moving :(


Genevieve from Regent Sq.

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