FYI, a stray mom and two kittens were rescued from under a parked car near 45th & Regent yesterday around Noon by Project MEOW volunteers, in response to Michael Munson's post on facebook. (Kittens and mom (who is friendly) will be in foster care after vetting today.) Not positive if one of the kittens was the one noticed by Tony Nixon at 4:30am (posted about previously), but it is possible. One of the volunteers checked the area again this morning and didn't see another kitten - which doesn't mean there isn't another (or more)! If anyone is in/near the park (A or B) today and spots a kitten please contact P. MEOW (, whether you're able to capture or not. :)

ALSO, a reminder that there is ALWAYS a need for more great foster homes for rescued kitties! And we are still in kitten season! Foster kitties are fully vetted and healthy before going into foster homes, and require little space (indoor only), square meals, and lots of love! If you have an interest in fostering, or other volunteer options - there are many ways to volunteer! - email for more info.

Many thanks!

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THis morning 4:30 am at the doors of the HMS School, on the 45th Street side. There was a tiny black kitten. Crying for help at the doorway. Because I had the dog with me the kitten hid at the steps. It is now sitting under the tires of an Ford SUV. If it is possible. Some one could get this kitten. It seems to have a survival sense that it would not go into the street. However, This is not guaranteed.
Any updates to this email address would be appreciated

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