Sunday, 25 September 2016

Concert at 7:30 pm, free children's program at 6:00
Crossroads Music, 801 South 48th Street (in Calvary Church)

Eva Salina & Peter Stan - Balkan Romani song and accordion
with special guests West Philadelphia Orchestra

“A triumph. Salina sings passionately and powerfully. The instrumentation — 
which features Peter Stan’s magical accordion work — is marvelous.” – No 

Video, tickets, and more information:


Eva Salina is a renowned singer, interpreter, and teacher of traditional and 
traditionally-based Balkan music. Nurtured through years of mentorship by some 
of the greatest living Balkan musicians, Eva has devoted her life to the 
longevity and evolution of East European musical traditions. Eva’s rich, supple 
voice moves effortlessly through the intricate and demanding expression 
inherent in Romani songs, intertwining vintage pop sounds with her singular 
interpretations. Eva is a 2012 OneBeat Fellow, a 2015 NYFA Fellow in 
Folk/Traditional Arts, and a 2016 OneBeat Istanbul Fellow; she is also an 
experienced, devoted educator and an in-demand vocal instructor and consultant, 
working internationally with singers of all levels of experience.

Peter “Perica” Stan is a Serbian/Romanian Romani accordionist known equally for 
his playfulness and innovation as he is for his undeniably soulful, intuitive 
improvisations. Thirty years working as a freelance musician in New York City 
have broadened the spectrum of his musical influences far beyond his direct 
cultural heritage, so you never know what Peter will coax out of his 
instrument, what story he will weave—each song different, every time.

Together, Eva and Peter draw on a strong musical friendship, the diversity of 
their creative professional experiences, and their shared love of Balkan Romani 
music, creating a welcoming space where joy and sorrow seamlessly coexist. In 
their performance, mournful ballads nestle gently among songs of celebration, 
bringing the listener on a journey that encapsulates both the beauty and the 
complexity of daily life.

For the last few songs of the second set, Eva and Peter will be joined by the 
West Philadelphia Orchestra. 
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